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Preparing a home for sale

Posted by Lara AMoni on May 3, 2018
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It can be quite a daunting task to prepare a home for sale. This is so especially if it is the first time you are selling one.

How you organize and prepare a home on sale is important. It is noted in marketing that how you say what you want to say is just as important as what you are saying. A good presentation is the how for what you are saying when selling a home. You let the home speak for itself.

Preparing a home for sale might go a long way towards helping your customers feel at ease and in turn be more likely to close the deal fast. It is also be a way as a realtor to strut your stuff.

Plan the home preparation
Consider your budget and time when preparing a home for sale. This is even more important if you are short on time or have set aside less than adequate cash for the process. Making the home clean and packing up should be the topmost priority.

First impressions are very important. If anything list your home on sale only after you have finished preparing it.

Free as much space as possible
Remove things that would make the house clutter and the things that had personalized the home. Home owners are often tempted to keep personal items or retain styling that they had previously in hopes that they would appeal to new clients just as much as it had appealed to them. This may not be the case as different people have different tastes. The point of preparing a home on sale is to ensure that the buyer is not able to tell whether or not someone is living in the house.

Opening up floor space and depersonalizing the place gives the buyer more room to imagine themselves in the new home. It makes it more inviting for someone looking to create their own home. Pack away photos. Maybe leave the art. Reduce it, however, to as little as one per room. Reduce the number of books on the shelves as much as possible.

If the house has furniture for staging re-arrange them to maximize floor space. Before a tour with the buyer ensure that there is nothing cluttering the space – even pieces of paper.

Cleanliness is next to goodiness
Dust the place. Pay particular attention to the blinds, ceiling fans and A/C intake vents.

In as much as a visitor may not keep their own place sparkling clean at all times they will notice for sure if the home is not clean not matter the time.

Replace the light bulbs, door knobs and blinds that are not working well. Try to repair the ceiling and tilling in the place where they are less than perfect.

Make your home Inviting

Make the prospective buyer feel invited to the home. This has much to do with the lighting, spacing and personalization of the place.

Prune the plants and properly water them. They should be balanced in number. Therefore, either add or reduce the plants on various sides of the house to give a balanced number.

Add lamps to places within the home that are dark and do not scent the room. Particularly, avoid using plug-in air fresheners, sprays and scented candles.

Clean or repaint the front door if needed. This is very important. The door is supposed to say welcome.



Stay positive. By preparing your home for sale you have done more than the average home seller does. The extra mile is hardly ever crowded.

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